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Home Sanitization

Lifecare Home sanitization


It’s not enough to keep just your hygiene and wash your hands with soap. A completely different approach to cleansing your surroundings must be taken to eliminate this deadly virus. Nowadays, when you have to go out for essential goods, you are now more mindful of the germs that you might carry to your home. Living in such conditions is harmful and dusting the house does not help in removing the infestations. Disinfection services are needed. 

Why is Home Sanitization Service needed?

Home is the only place where we feel comfortable and safe. We roam around in diverse surroundings and conditions like markets, offices, public places and come back home. We unknowingly carry toxic substances and germs that are unhygienic and harmful to our family. Hence, home sanitizing services are important. 

The approach of cleaning your house with water is not enough as it just removes the stains, oils & food from surfaces. Deep sanitization must be carried out at every corner in order to eliminate the risk. Choose CRE sanitize & let’s remove the unwanted guests that enter your house.

LIFECARE’s Home Sanitization Services:

  • Knook & Corners- Deep sanitizing of each and every corner of the house
  • Streak Windows- Thorough sanitizing of windows is required, they protect from harmful substances entering the house.
  • Ignored Electronics- Electronic equipment is never used for cleansing.
  • Surfaces- couch, carpet, tables, mattress, countertops, etc
  • Sky-high ceilings- untouched area yet, might be an infected area.
  • Touchpoints- doorknobs, switchboards, handles, lift buttons, etc
  • Special attention- Kitchen & bathroom space And many other areas when we discover your premises

Why Clients Choose LIFECARE for Home Sanitization Services:

  • Certified Sanitize company
  • Professionals at work
  • Approved products & equipment
  • Quick, Convenient & Effective
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Extremely Affordable services

LIFECARE Sheild Be 100% Sure:

    • Herbal Ingredients(Aloe vera, Tulasi, Neem, Curcumin)
    • Special Alcohol sanitizer (Used in aviation,99.99% Germ Kill Protection)
    • Effective against Viruses (Fungi, Tuberculosis, HBV, HIV, Droplet borne viruses)
    • Shielding your home- Antimicrobial foam/transparent coating(change name according to service)

At the end Disinfecting your worries